Meditation session at Nike

Teaching Mindfulness ……. very nice to have this group of beautiful ladies grounded and connected by a wonderful meditation session at the start of a meeting @nike. Great to experience and feel the peace, softness and tranquility of such a large group …… The magic of mindfulness …..Mindfulness isn’t difficult….

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Favorite yoga teacher yoga magazine

Favorite teacher Yoga MagazineBlessed….Because of you guys I got the most votes for “who is your favorite yogateacher”…. and we are going to make an online yoga practice with me….How sweet to read all the support from my students / family and friends… what nice andwonderful reactions……Thank you for your confidence and

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Favorite yoga teacher

Who is your favorite yoga teacher in the Netherlands. I am 1 of the 6 nominated by…:-) And of course there are so many wonderful yoga teachers who spread yoga around the world…..With much love and dedication I have been teaching yoga for years and I see students growing

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Close your eyes and feel the summer breeze…  

Second Series Ashtanga Yoga

Second series ashtanga yoga teacher training completed 🙂 “There is no doubt that the foundation of being a great yoga teacher is being a great yoga student.” So happy that I will now also teach you guys from the second series!!! Spreading the ashtanga love and letting students feel it 🙂

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Chair Yoga

Today I had received a nice work assignment, to give Chair Yoga at a company. It was so much fun! Very nice groups. People that I really could give the added value of yoga 🙂 And especially nice to see the difference before I started to teach and again after

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Warrior 2

Let Warrior II teach you how to bring more wisdom, courage, strength, love and focus into every action. #yogaeverydamnday #yogasila#girlsonamission #girlpower #ashtanga